Three RV Secrets You Never Knew

Thinking of joining the ranks of RV campers?  Let us tell you 3 secrets you aren’t going to hear from anyone else! 
1. You Don’t Have to Buy a New RV
We all love new things. Maybe it’s that “new thing” smell or how shiny and untouched they look. Whatever it is, new doesn’t always mean better. When you are preparing to join the ranks of RV campers, consider buying a used RV. You’ll definitely want to do some research, but you can find the perfect home for you at a much lower cost. Plus, don’t forget about doing DIY projects in your used  RV camper to make it all your own.  Thinking of buying a used RV? Here are some questions to ask before you buy a used RV.
2. The People Make the RV Park Great
We love amenities! Who doesn’t love swimming pools, shuffleboard courts and other fun activities?  But even the most expensive RV park with the best amenities can’t compare to a place you consider home. It can’t compare to the place where you have family. It can’t compare to the place where you’ve loved and laughed for years. We believe that the best RV parks are the ones where people love to stay there and have a blast when they do! But shhh that’s a secret! 
3. You Can Save Money on Reservations
Look into programs like AAA, Good Sam’s, Passport America and some of the others. You can get up to 20% off a daily reservation rate. Also don’t forget to ask the park about military discounts, senior discounts and others! You might be surprised to find out that you could save quite a bit of money. 
What RV camping secrets do you have? We’ll add more as they come in!