Summer RV Travel Tips!

RVing in the Summer
Imagine escaping to Florida in your RV this summer!

Did you just recently purchase an RV?  Or, are you a seasoned RVer?  Either way, you may be interested in taking an RV trip this summer. As with any other season, there are a number of steps that you can and should implement to improve the overall enjoyment and safety of your upcoming RV trip.

Perhaps, the most important step that you should take, before leaving in your RV this summer is to have it inspected.  Is your motor home fit to travel during the summer?  Most are, but it is also to be sure it is safe for longer distance travel.  If your summer RV trip is a cross-country trip, ask your mechanic if your RV will be able to survive.

The next step that you should take involves mapping out your intended route.  Deciding ahead of time where you will be going and how you will get there is an important part of traveling by RV.  This is not only important for yourself, but for those that you know.  Should you end up stranded in your RV, an itinerary that was left with a close friend or relative can help you be found by rescue members.

Always carry a cell phone with you.  Cell phones are one of the best ways to stay safe on the road.  Make sure that you know where your cell phone is at all times, as it can be easy to misplace items in a motor home.  Also, be sure to bring your cell phone charger with you.  A dead cell phone will not offer any assistance in the event of an emergency.  A GPS is also advised for traveling by RV.

Having a toolbox on hand is also a great way to avoid complications on your next summer RV trip.  When packing a toolbox, you don’t need an oversized toolbox filled with tools.  Often times, the basics are enough.  These items should include screwdrivers, wrenches, a pocketknife, a box cutter, and a hammer.

A toolbox is just one of the many supplies that you will want to have for your next summer RV trip.  In fact, you may want to create a checklist for yourself.  A checklist is a great way to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.  On your checklist, include the basics, such as food, drinks, clothing, first aid kits, and so forth.  Your personal wants should also be included as well, such as a deck of playing cards, movies, and so forth.

For summer travel, be sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand.  Other drinks and convenient to prepare and eat snacks are advised.  During the summer, we are all encouraged to drink more water to stay hydrated.  This is important when on the road.  Water is also important during an emergency.  If you are stranded and the temperatures are high, water can help to save lives.

The above mentioned points are all important to take into considerations, when looking to travel by RV in the summer.  Another great tip involves making all reservations before you leave.  This is particularly important with public campgrounds and RV parks, as summer is a popular time for traveling by RV.  Research your options to determine if reservations are needed, so that you will not left without the proper RV accommodations this summer. Take a look at our different campgrounds and see if any of them are right for you!

5 Reasons You Need to go RV Camping at Clearwater Travel Resort This Summer!

If summer makes you think of salty air and sunny skies, then Clearwater is your next Instagram post waiting to happen. This tropical paradise is perfectly located in Florida to offer you access to all the top attractions and beaches. So pull up your big rig, and let us tell you why Clearwater Travel Resort is the perfect place to plan your next RV camping vacation.

It’s time to create the kind of summer memories that will last a lifetime. Long days at the beach followed by s’mores and campfires, check. Family-friendly campground to come home to, check. At Clearwater Travel Resort, we love family. In fact, we can’t wait to make you part of ours. Whether your kids have two legs or four, they’ll love staying here! We have a great playground, plus a fenced in area for your pups. Get ready to have some great neighbors turn into awesome friends as you explore everything Clearwater has to offer! 


If you’ve ever been to Florida, you may notice Salt Life stickers are everywhere! That’s because we love the beach. And if you love it as much as we do, then you’re going to love Clearwater. Our RV resort is located just seven miles from Clearwater Beach, which was voted TripAdvisor’s Number 4 Beach in the United States for 2017! 
If you love the outdoors, we have some exciting things for you to do! Hop on a bike and head to one of the awesome trails near our RV resort. One loved trail leads to Safety Harbor, an awesome nearby town where you can see the sunrise and manatees, or check out Safety Harbors unique and fun downtown. Or take your bikes across the Courtney Campbell Causeway, where you can watch the sunset and beautiful views of the water on both sides. If you’re lucky, you might even see a dolphin. {But if you don’t see one there, we are minutes from the Clearwater Aquarium, where you can meet Winter and Hope the dolphins!}


At Clearwater Travel Resort, we pride ourselves on offering you a great place to stay. You’ll love our amenities, including a sparkling pool, two laundry rooms and two shower houses. Stop by our clubhouse, a hub of activity, where you’ll find a pool table, ping pong, a computer center, a library and even a Wii set up on the big screen. Plus we offer some fun events like cookouts during the summer, which are free for our guests to attend!
We think our location is perfect, tucked away in one of Florida’s best cities, but still close to all the fun attractions Florida has to offer. Head over to St. Pete for some funky vibes and great times, or head to Tampa for great amusement parks. We aren’t far from Orlando, which is brimming with activities of all kinds. Of course, if you’re hoping to stay put in Clearwater, there’s lots to do here too, from the beaches and restaurants to the shopping and culture, you’ll never want to leave Florida. We hope you’ll come stay with us soon!
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