RV Tips You Need for that Last-Minute Trip

Is the open road calling? Well start your engines, because you are free to roam the country! If you own your RV, you’re free to come and go as you please. That might mean a fun last minute RV trip. Need quick planning advice? Here are some tips.

  • Map Your Route
    • Maybe your hitting the open road without a plan. If you’re not, it’s a good idea to figure out where you’re going. With modern technology, you can plug your location and multiple destinations into Google Maps for a quick plan. You can even customize it so you don’t take the highway, so you avoid toll routes or so you get there quickly. Bring the printed directions along, even if you have a GPS in your motorhome. Keep a map handy too, just in case. 
  • Make Reservations
    • This is especially important during peak travel times such as spring, summer and holidays. You should never assume that you can secure a walk-in spot, although this is often the case. Many public campgrounds only have a limited number of RV accommodations, so you’ll always want to check first. Most campgrounds will allow you to reserve a spot online, so you can check with multiple campgrounds in your destination. Whatever you do, make sure to call ahead. 
  • Tell Someone You’re Leaving
    • Okay, we might be taking the spontaneity out of the trip, but you should tell at least one person you’re on the road. If something happens to you, it’s best that a couple people know where you were and where you were headed. Tell them when you’re leaving, where your intended destination is, how to get a hold of you, and when you’ll return. 
  • Put Together a Quick Checklist
    • Who doesn’t love checklists? Jot down all the supplies you’ll need and start to create piles by the door.Start with the needs first, such as good, clothing and toiletries, then move on to wants such as movies or a radio. As you place things in the RV, check them off. This doesn’t have to be a long process, you know what you need and want. 
  • Do a Double-check
    • Have you ever gotten somewhere and realized you had forgotten your toothbrush or worse- your underwear? You’re left wondering how you could forget something so important! Sometimes, those little items get overlooked. Take a look at your checklist, walk through your RV and make sure you aren’t missing anything important. Do you have enough blankets? Do you have pots and pans? Underwear? Just do a quick check!
All of this can be done within a couple of hours, so you can enjoy the freedom of the road knowing you have everything you need. Have you ever taken a spontaneous RV trip? Where did you go? Did you forget anything?