5 Game Changing On-the-go Foods for RV Camping

Whether you’re driving down the road, going on a hike or just grabbing a quick snack, on-the-good foods are perfect for RV Campers. We found 5 of our favorite on-the-good RV camping foods to share with you. Caution: Don’t read this on an empty stomach.

1. Veggie Dip

This one is great because it’s easy and delicious. Want to make it? Grab a container, place your favorite veggie dip in the bottom, cut up some veggies and arrange in the container. Stick that in your fridge or cooler, then pull it out and you’ve got veggies and dip ready to go. Genius, right?

2. The Walking Taco
Have you ever been walking along when you suddenly got the craving for a nice taco? Anyone who is a connoisseur of the taco knows that they aren’t really good for travel. Well, a bag of Doritos can fix that. Just whip up all the delicious ingredients you’d normally put in a taco: meat, cheese, veggies, etc. Then open a small (or large) bag of Doritos and dump in the toppings. Mix it up and head out. Most people use the little bags, but a family size bag sounds pretty tempting right about now.

3. Sausage Pepperoni Puffs

It’s official, writing this blog before lunch was a very bad idea. Less than 10 ingredients go into this meal, making it easy and fast! The best part is that you can make these ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Pop them on a plate, warm a few up and you’ve got a delicious hand-held meal. Just make sure they cool down a little first. We’re just sayin’.

4. Frozen Banana on a StickĀ 

Okay, this one is seriously easy. Peel a banana, dip it in peanut butter or chocolate, roll it around in nuts, dried fruits or chocolate and stick it in the freezer. Now don’t get crazy and eat it before it’s frozen. (Or do..) Anyways, this is a great grab and go treat that the whole family will love. If it’s on a stick you can bring it anywhere your heart desires.

5. Trail Mix
We love trail mix because it’s one of the most versatile of camping foods. You can make it extra healthy or extra delicious or a good mix of both. All you need is some nuts, dried fruits and maybe a little bit of chocolate. Whatever mix you decide, this is the perfect way to fill up when you’re on the move. Note to self: muddy buddies don’t count as trail mix.